The beloved Greg Cafe chain was founded in 1994 as a small, high-quality Haifa bar cafe, but especially ambitious, with a clear goal – to implement in the Haifa’s public awareness what is a quality coffee … Over the years, the desire to spread the word throughout the country was created, Today, the chain has over 110 branches throughout the country and offers a rich and varied menu with a delicious, rich and luxurious breakfast. We make sure to renew and excite our customers in new and surprising flavors. And to be renewed every year with a new, varied and eclectic menu that combines meals from all over the world and various kitchens, including Georgian, Norwegian, Lebanese, Italian, Asian, American, Balkan, Swiss, Mexican, Spanish and of course Israeli.
The Dead Sea branch is Kosher Lemehadrin under the supervision of Beit Yosef.
Events can be held at this branch and to purchase hospitality traits.

Free shuttle service from the hotel >