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About us

For the first time in the Dead Sea, chosen for one of the ten wonders of the world, the Dead Sea Mall opened a wide shopping mall, which serves as a tourist attraction and provides a solution to the decades-long shortage.

The new mall, located on a private and amazing beach, has dozens of stores offering international brands in a variety of fields – clothing, footwear, fine jewelry, special concept stores and more, along with coffee shops and restaurants.

The mall covers 15,000 square meters on two floors and is one of the most beautiful in Israel.

The Dead Sea Mall provides a solution for the Dead Sea area, which is the most visited area in Israel. In this area there is no answer today to a shopping and entertainment center, and the mall offers an exceptional tourist experience. The mall is located in the heart of the Ein Bokek hotel area in the Dead Sea, and is close to the beach.

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